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Your Life, Documented

Gather all the bits and pieces of your modern life, to communicate important information and wishes when you can’t.

Why document your life?

Consider the complexity of your existence.

You’re likely to have many tangible and digital assets, such as personal property, important contacts, devices, accounts, passwords, assets, liabilities, and legal documents.

In case of emergency or death, there are things your loved ones need to know. Having neatly arranged, comprehensive documentation helps the people assisting you with all of the information they need to provide the best care possible.

Our handbook helps you gather and assemble those resources. Plus, we provide support for getting everything completed.

Let’s Get Started

What’s included in the handbook?

Each section starts with a checklist so you can be sure you’re collecting everything you need. The printed pages include entries for hand-written data, and ample space for notes and any additional information you wish to record.

  • Basic Personal Info
  • Employment Records
  • Real Property
  • Medical Legal Documents
  • Health Records
  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Insurance
  • Autos & Vehicles
  • Technology Passwords
  • Last Wishes
  • Financial Adviser
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Art & Sculptures
  • Jewelry
  • Wines
  • Boats & Watercraft
  • Business Ownership
  • Website Ownership
  • Club & Website Memberships

How long will it take to do this?

This depends on factors such as how organized you are to start, and how much “stuff” you have.

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This seems like a lot of work. Can you help me through the process?

Yes! We have consultants available for guidance, coaching, and inspiration as you work to complete your documentation handbook.

Help Me Get Organized

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