Dealing with a Bully

One of the toughest things people face is being bullied.

How to Report a Bully – Resources by State

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State NameCodeNote
AlabamaALNot on the state level, some counties and schools created their own tip lines.
AlaskaAKSome school districts have their own apps or tip lines.
ArizonaAZNot on the state level, some counties and schools created their own tip or hotlines.
ArkansasARThey are using an anonymous-tip texting platform statewide. Some school districts have their own tip lines.
CaliforniaCANot on the state level – Schools are responsible for creating safe environments for all students. They must work to prevent bullying, and they must respond to it when it happens.
ConnecticutCTNot on the State level, it’s up to Schools to establishing policies, protocols, and practices to ensure safe, supportive, and welcoming environments for students.
DelawareDEBullying Hotline – School Ombudsman. Delaware law requires that schools have a procedure in place for students and parents/guardians to report bullying to school officials.
IowaIANot on the state level (they plan to implement a statewide tool), it’s up to schools. Each school’s policy must specify the procedure for reporting an act of harassment or bullying, as well as the consequences for someone who violates the policy. If you report an act, school staff should investigate the bullying immediately.  After investigating, they should inform you what they plan to do about it.
KansasKSHotline. Kansas City has their own app for their Schools
KentuckyKYOnline form of tip line
MaineMEBullying or suspected bullying is reportable in person or in writing (including anonymously) to school personnel using the school unitÕs Reporting Form (JICK-E1). All schools must respond to, investigate, and document all alleged incidents of bullying and cyberbullying. These procedures must include written documentation of reported incidents, outcomes of the investigation and/or how the incident was remediated. There is Reporting Form that can be downloaded from the link.
MassachusettsMANot on the State level. The Model Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan requires school districts, charter schools, approved private day or residential schools, and collaborative schools to “recognize” in their bullying prevention and intervention plans…
MississippiMSCalls only
New HampshireNHNew Hampshire state law requires local school districts to design their own anti-bullying policies.
New JerseyNJThe Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) requires all acts of harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) to be reported to the school principal.
New MexicoNMEach school board or governing body shall adopt bullying prevention policies.
New YorkNY… incidents of harassment, bullying and/or discrimination which must be reported to the principal, superintendent or designee when reported to or witnessed by a school employee.
North CarolinaNC
North DakotaNDtexting
OhioOHONLY Calls or texts to 844-SaferOH (844-723-3764)
OklahomaOKtexting or filling online form
Rhode IslandRINot on the State level. The school principal, director or head of school shall establish, and prominently publicize to students, staff, volunteers, and parents/guardians, how a report of bullying may be filed and how this report will be acted upon (See attached sample Report Form at the end of the document).
South CarolinaSCNot on the State level, a lot of School districts using STOPit
South DakotaSDtexting
TexasTXThere are links for each County website which have contact phone number and/or online form and/or app
VirginiaVANot on the State level, althogh 2019 they made a “Plan for Implementation of a Statewide School Safety Mobile Application”. Some Counties and schools created their own tip lines
West VirginiaWVCalls only

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