Family Rules & Agreements - Download Now

Get your teens and tweens to commit and be more responsible.

Spell out family rules on phone usage, social media, and driving, with documents you can customize.

Driving Rules Ebook
Social Media Rules Ebook
Phone Rules Ebook

Encourage Responsibility

Kids do better when they know what is expected of them. These documents are great for:

  • Getting your family rules in writing.
  • Reminding of and reinforcing the rules.

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What’s Included

  • Word documents you can edit; customize for your family.
  • Cover page with your family name and message.
  • Free lifetime updates.
Driving Rules Ebook
Social Media Rules Ebook
Phone Rules Ebook

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Driving Rules & Agreement

  • 14 Child Driving Responsibilities
  • 5 Consequences for Breaking Driving Rules
  • 3 Parent Responsibilities

Social Media Policy & Agreement

  • Child Social Media Responsibilities
  • Consequences for Breaking Social Media Policy
  • Parent Responsibilities

Phone Rules & Agreement

  • 15 Child Cell Phone Responsibilities
  • 3 Consequences for Breaking Cell Phone Rules
  • 4 Parent Responsibilities

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